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Signal 51 Chronicles

A Signal 51 is police code for an investigation, a law enforcement proceeding that is a systemic and thorough attempt to learn the facts about a possible crime that is complex and whose facts and circumstances are generally hidden, at least initially, behind obstacles that can be circumstantial or manmade. The investigation’s methods are formal. John Henry, a journalist, and retired Fort Worth police sergeant Jake White examine the difficult cases of law enforcement both in Fort Worth and around the region.

Jake White

Jake White is a 22-year veteran police sergeant for the Fort Worth Police Department who recently retired in 2022. As a police officer, detective, and sergeant, Jake worked patrol, undercover vice and narcotics, and internal affairs. His last five years were spent supervising hard-working men and women of the Fort Worth Police Department in patrol and narcotics. Jake is now a full-time real estate agent in Fort Worth. Jake, a storyteller, with a passion for crime and investigations, is able to bring to you true crime stories from a true crime fighter. Jake is married with two children.

John Henry

John Henry’s career as a journalist has spanned almost 30 years, including close to two decades with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He likes to say that much of his career has revolved around topics in and around the city, cowboys — both kinds, big C and little c — courts and Catholics. Today, he is the executive editor of Fort Worth Inc. He works with the conviction that the truth is the fundamental element of a civil and stable society.

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